Nigeria Likely To Divide Into Three In 2015 – Dear Nigerians, Please Pray

nigeria will divide in 2015

July 24, 2013 – Nigeria Likely To Divide Into Three In 2015 –  Dear Nigerians, Please Pray

Fellow Readers,

Let us begin to address and respect mankind. When it is time to comment on some ones opinion, that is not the time to insult or use abusive words. What makes mature mind is ability of that person to listen and reason from the statement made by the other party.
Well, fellow Nigerians, I have read a lot about Nigeria splitting in 2015. I will bet you that even those that are singing the song and those yes members will feel the impact. Mostly, those yes members.

One thing I do not like among Nigerian elites is that when they disagree on one particular principle, they want the entire country to suffer it.
Now, what are we fighting for? why can’t all the three wise men come to table and make Nigeria a comfortable place for her citizens instead of making treason statements that could be used against such person.

For instance, Alhaji Lamal Kaita’s statement in 2010 and repeated in 2012 that “if President Jonathan gets the presidency, he and his colleagues will make it uncomfortable to lead”. This statement is like telling the rest of 170m Nigerians that what these ample clique says should stand, else, the country will be set into fire. I for one do not like this statement.
Let me come clean here, Nigeria is no one’s personal property. I have the right to vote and be voted for. Why is it that every time we keep hearing the same names leading us. Kaita and his folks are over stepping. What we need now is a final debate “Is it better to stay as a Nation or do we split”?

The masses should vote for it. Instead of using threatening statements that may place the person as little mind. We should be constructive rather than destructive.
Look Arab Spring, this happened and to those nations that have not given her citizens what they demanded, for example, Egypt and Syria, still find their nations in anarchy. We should not be laughed by the west because we are unable to clean our mess. We have Nigerians that are highly talented outside the country who are willing to come home and help in any manner and uphold the dignity of the country, rather, some fragments are using chaotic statements. These forms of statements if connected, would suffix to say that “BOKO HARAM” is an implied action from the Northern elites who since the massive killings of innocent civilians who are suffering day and night to make ends meet in a country with all natural resources, yet sleep in fears.

If those who are calling for Nigeria to split in 2014 hears what the young graduate out there says, I am confident that no one will be free. Let me point it clearly, the west would stop all flights from Nigeria to their countries, therefore making it hard for those politicians to take refuge outside Nigeria, and they will be mandated to go back Nigeria and fight it out.

Dear Nigerians, let us learn our lessons now before it is too late. We have potential graduates who are willing to build any weapon that you think could be bought elsewhere in the world. WE EITHER SET THE TONE AT THE TOP OR THE BOTTOM WILL SET THE TONE FOR US. The youths are ready to catch all these politicians where ever they may be in the world as long as those politicians are among those that caused the problem in Nigeria. We are outside watching, let our naked eyes get blind, rather than seeing perpetrators go scot free. “Nigeria is indivisible”.

[Article by Charles Prince]