Nigerian Actor Ajigijaga Dies Of Infection After Bike Accident Bcos Colleagues Abandon Him – Family

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July 31, 2015 – How Saidi Balogun & Nollywood Stars Abandoned Ajigijaga Who Passed Away Today Two Weeks After Bike Accident

Yoruba Actor Ajigijaga Dies Of Infection After Bike Accident Because Nollywood Stars, Colleagues Abandoned Him – Family Source

If you think Nollywood stars love each, you may be wrong.

Another Nollywood star, victim of abandonment breathe his last breath today two weeks after a serious bike accident incapacitated him.

A source who visited the recently deceased veteran actor Ajigijaga’s family house today in Oke Oba Agege said his youngest wife is inconsolable. source said one of the late actor’s son wept bitterly this afternoon while accusing his late dad’s colleagues of abandonment.

Ajigijaga eldest son told our source that nobody visited Ajigijaga at home throughout his down time following a near-fatal motorcycle accident that happened on a movie set.

The late actor suffered a big cut on his left cheek, very close to the eye area.

Meanwhile his death has been confirmed by the President of The Golden Movie Ambassadors (TGMA), Saidi Balogun.

This is what Saidi said about the late actor:

 “Just last week, he called me to explain why he couldn’t attend our last monthly meeting. I can recall that he mentioned that his absence was due to injuries he sustained in a motor-bike accident about two weeks ago. “I was shocked this morning to get a call from one of his children that he has passed on. We shall miss his useful contributions to discussions on how to move the movie industry forward and instil discipline and professionalism in our members. Ajigi Jaga is dead”

He is being buried as the time of this report.