Nigerian Actor Moses Efret Attempts Suicide As Pregnant Girlfriend, Baby Mama & Wife Battle

nigerian actor moses efret suicide

Sept 14, 2013 – Nollywood Actor Moses Efret Attempts Suicide Through Drug Overdose As Pregnant Girlfriend, Baby Mama & Wife Battle

If you are a frequent visitor to this site, you must have come across the story of Nigerian actor and gospel singer Moses Efret who allegedly impregnated a lady in the United States after his marriage of several years remains childless.

Though the actor has debunked the story, told you last week that the story is exclusively true.

The lady at the center of this story, the pregnant girlfriend of Moses Efret is speaking up.

Our source has finally gotten in contact with Moses Efret‘s baby mama. However she is not releasing the photos because she doesn’t want her face to be all over the net. She wants us to proof to you guys the gist is legitimate.

Moses Efret Attempts Suicide

Nigerian actor Moses Efret attempted suicide last weekend, he was rushed to the hospital after his wife attacked him for giving his baby mother help. Of course he ran to the bathroom overdosed himself with some pills and went unconscious till the next day when he gained consciousness.

The two ladies in Moses Efret’s life are both Cameroonians living in Maryland.

Emma Ngo, the legal wife of the randy Nollywood actor also stays in Maryland.

This wahala is too much.