“The Cause Of Death Among Nollywood Actors & Actresses Is Known To Me” – Pastor Chris Okafor

dead nigerian actors

May 10, 2013 – “I Know The Cause Of Death Among Nigerian Actors & Actresses” – Pastor Chris Okafor

In accordance to the epistle according to Chris Okafor, the constant death news among Nollywood movie stars came about because they didn’t yield to his instructions.

The founder of Mountain of Liberation and Miracle Ministries in Lagos told Encomium magazine that Nollywood death news could have been a thing of the past if they had listened to his call.

Hear Prophet Chris Okafor in his own words below

“This year I gave a prophecy concerning the entertainment industry that there is going to be series of death, and they never asked me for a solution. One problem is that they like to go to churches where they do paparazzi and the rest. They don’t want to come to the truth and that is why they are dying this way. If they come to me, I will tell them the mystery why people are dying in Nollywood just like I’ve been able to tell Nigerians why electricity can’t be stable in Nigeria. I know why they are dying. Let them come to me”

What if they choose to attend another church? Chris Okafor has a lot questions to answer.