Nigerian Doctor Infected With Ebola Virus After Treating Late Liberian Patrick Sawyer

nigerian doctor ebola virus

August 4th, 2014 – Nigerian Doctor Contracts  Ebola Virus After Treating Late Liberian Patrick Sawyer

Ebola virus disease is on the verge of outbreak in some places in Nigeria. Few days after two health care workers based in Ogun state (but work in Lagos) tested positive for Ebola virus, another case has been reported.

The Liberian that died last month at an hospital in Obalende area of Lagos was earlier treated by some physicians at the hospital for fever related symptoms not knowing that he was a host of the deadly Ebola virus.

As we speak, one of the doctors at the undisclosed hospital who attended to Patrick Sawyer has contracted the deadly virus.

According to Health Minister, Onyebuchi Chukwu, the unidentified doctor has been placed in isolation with 8 under people who had contact with the late Liberian health official who came to Nigeria for a conference last month.

Without doubt, that same doctor must have been in contact with other people.

Ebola Virus disease is currently untreatable. God have mercy on us.