Nigerian Judge Jails Mother Of 3 Today For Scratching Her Car On Monday

lagos judge jail woman scratched her car

March 22, 2016 – Nigerian Judge Jails Mother Of 3 Today For Scratching Her Car On Monday

An innocent woman has been jailed at Kirikiri prison in Lagos over an offence she didn’t commit.

Funke Sule Hamzat a Lagos Chief Magistrate today allegedly ordered Yetunde Osijo detained for allegedly bumping into her car yesterday.

She didn’t give her the opportunity to hire a defense lawyer  or explain herself.

Yetunde Osijo’s family and friends said the woman was taking one of her children to the hospital yesterday when her driver bumped into the Chief Magistrate’s car but instead of allowing her to explain herself and probably fix the car, the Chief Magistrate abused her office and ordered one of her security operatives to arrest the woman.

Here is what a family member of Yetunde Osijo said on Instagram today:

“In a speedy development, she was already taken to Kirikiri in a Black Maria. She is a mother of 3-years-old twin boys, and she was on her way to take one of them to the hospital. Fellow Nigerians, please let’s not allow a Magistrate abuse the use of her office by detaining Yetunde in kirikiri. “She is NOT A CRIMINAL. Let’s not allow Yetunde sleep in Kirikiri or in any jail. Say no to misuse of power and unlawful detention. 21st March 2016. Please repost. Thanks,”