Nigerian Lady Duped Of N60K By Romance Scammer Posing As Doctor Working At Epe General Hospital

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Feb 25, 2015 – Nigerian Woman Duped By Romance  Scammer Posing As Doctor Working At Epe General Hospital, She Needs Help Recovering N60,000 From Him

This is an unedited email received from a fan few hours ago.

Please read and give her your input.

I met a guy name Wale he said his name is Dr Wale Phillips that he works in Epe General Hospital but I doubt if he is a doctor cos of his selfish and greedy acts.

We had a relationship but the relationship stopped immediately he borrowed N60,000 for his exam with the assurance of paying it after 3 days when his cheque cleared. Anytime I called him he won’t picked my call or reply my test for the past 2 months, he just keep posting me by giving different excuses that government have not pay their salaries, he’s in Ghana today, he’s in Ibadan tomorrow bla bla bla. Up till now I have not collected the money.

I’m begging good people of Nigeria to help me contact him on+2348096305915, 07089213830 to pay back my money because he has refused to pick my calls or reply my text messages.