Nigerian Man Who Killed Nephew In London Was A Church’s Usher – Friend Defends Ben Igbinedion

nigerian man beats nephew to death in London

Nov 9, 2013 – Nigerian Man Who Killed His Nephew In London Was A Church’s Usher – Friend Defends Ben Igbinedion

A friend to a Nigerian man who was found guilty of the murder of his 3-year-old nephew in London, UK this week has spoken up. The lady named Blessing claims Ben was a good man and a committed Christian who can’t hurt a fly.

If you missed the initial story, read it here.

Read Blessing’s comment below:

Hello Everyone, I appreciate your comments. I am really surprised and still in shock about this news. I knew him as a philanthropist. The truth remains that God himself knows what really happened. I am not saying this because I want to proof a point or decline to your comments. Naturally, the world we are living in is a wicked world. I can’t judge Ben because “judge not that ye may not be judged” is a word I try to hold on to. Ben is someone I knew as an usher in my church. He was so committed, show love to people and ready to stand by you when you need him. He was someone i really cherish a lot because of the way he put God, church and his family first. Sometimes I see him playing with his 2 kids as friends, take them out a lot to shops, parties and so on. You can easily tell the bond between him and his kids. I have seen him helping people, giving out morning to support and so on. I am still in shock. But if indeed Ben actually committed this, vengeance belong to God. But if he is not or maybe it is the trick of the devil to ruin his life, I pray God hear his heart cry and the cry of his wife. but I know this man as a humble, respectful, loyal and loving man to his family, church and friends. Like I said, I am not saying this to proof a point that he is the best man. The world we live is a wicked world. I “ONLY TRUST GOD” and no one. People do stuffs that you never expected to see in them. And let this be your own prayers too: Lord, lead me not into temptation that will ruin my life, carrier and peace.That’s why it is always important to pray for God’s direction before doing anything. If the mother had prayed about this before taking the son there, I am sure God will speak to her about the evil that’s about to happen. Also, if Ben had prayed about it, God would have revealed to him not to accept the boy in. Things happens in the spiritual but manifest itself at the wrong time and with the right people. please watch and pray and always commit your days before God. I love you all and hope someone will be touched by this that whatever happened, we all have to learn our lessons from this. God bless you all and please keep praying for the two families involved. the little boy’s mother and Ben’s family. Do not hate anyone for God is Love. May God keep us all from the trials and temptations hoovering around this world in Jesus Name, amen. God bless