“Nigerian Men In America Pls STOP Killing Your Wives , Go Back To School” – US-Based Nurse Speaks

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April 9, 2014 – “Nigerian Men In America Pls STOP Killing Your Wives , Go Back To School” – US-Based Nurse Speaks

I am a Nigerian and a nurse, I was a graduate from the university of ife when I met my husband in the U.S, he was in school, after he graduated, he did not seek employment anywhere because of his mentality that he does not want to work for a white man ( I wonder what he doing here in the first place). When I saw the situation of things, I decided to go to nursing school, he decided to stay in Nigerian chasing unfruitful businesses, living beyond his means. I was focused and graduated from nursing school and within 6months, he said we needed to buy a house,( his credit is bad) so the house was bought in my name after 4 months, he decided to stop paying bill.

He went to live In Nigeria and left me paying the bills and taking care of the children. For 12yrs, I was paying the entire bill in the house, even buying food and taking care of my own family back home. At times I am tired of just living from paycheck to paycheck, so we do argue most times, at a point we did not speak to each other for about 7months, but living in the same house, he started saying I am doing juju to him, because he is been here for 25yrs and has not made headway. ( I contributed towards his business in Nigeria, but because of living like a big man in nija, the business crashed)

So we should be careful before we start judging nurses( nursing pay is over-rated), I really do not know the big deal about nursing at all. These men killing their wives should go back to school, stop being insecure or otherwise enjoy your wife’s success together. Both of you need to apply wisdom.