Nigerian Military Lied About Gwoza Take-Over Victory To Justify GEJ’s 6-Week End To Boko Haram

nigerian military takeover gwoza borno

March 28, 2015 – Nigerian Military Lied About Gwoza Take Over Victory To Justify GEJ’s 6-Week Promise To End Boko Haram 

Last month Jonathan promised that his government will crush boko haram 6 weeks to election and on Thursday, he said the insurgents will be sent out of Nigeria on Friday.

So in support of his promise, the military has framed up a pictorial victory pose that has gone viral.

2 soldiers were spotted posing for the camera infront of a signboard being held by two soldiers inside a gutter filled with sand..

Who is fooling who??? Why is the Federal Government working overtime to confuse Nigerians with false victory in order to deceive Nigerians a day to the election???

Meanwhile, some residents in Borno said Boko Haram terrorists are still controlling many Local Government areas of the state.

May God deliver this nation from evil and selfish leaders.