Nigerian Pay TV HITV Owner Toyin Subair Relocates To UK Amidst Financial Woes

toyin subair relocates to the UK

April 16, 2013 – Nigerian Pay TV HITV, Toyin Subair Relocates To UK Amidst Financial Problem

The owner of popular Nigerian Pay per view channel, HITV, Mr Toyin Subair has secretly relocated to the United Kingdom amidst his financial trouble.

According to Maestro Media, the aftermath of the crumble of HITV led to his sudden relocation to the UK.

Though sources seem not to know the reason(s) behind that decision, he has been spotted in the UK a couple of times. He seem to be hibernating for now, whether re-strategizing to come back with a bang! We don’t know yet. But we are waiting with bated breaths.

Another source from Maestro says;

“When the going was still great and good, Toyin was a designer’s favourite. Always looking stylish in colourful outfits, cruising around in his convertible Porsche Carrera 911. Now more in the UK than in Nigeria, we hear his taste for the good life has not abated. Being a close friend of one of Nigeria’s richest young dude, in the person of Kola Aluko (the lord of Monaco) seems to have brought back his spirit. We hear, he not too long ago got delivery of another outstanding Porsche, the particular model we do not know yet. But what we hear is that, Toyin cruises around in London in that machine now.”

Insiders hope he bounces back with the help of his best friend, Kola Aluko.