Nigerian Seeking Refugee Status In Canada Says He Was Attacked For Refusing FGM On Daughter

nigerian seeking refugee status canada

July 26, 2016 – Nigerian Seeking Refugee Status In Canada Says He Was Attacked For Refusing Female Genital Mutilation On Daughter

A Nigerian man seeking to get protection in Canada has revealed how he was battered by his kinsmen for refusing to fall under pressure to get his daughter mutilated.

Mr Olaken Hammed alleged that he fled Nigeria with his wife to escape death.

He claimed that he was abused by his family members and left to die for refusing to carry out proper traditional rites on his daughter.

His words:

“I thought I had died. I was bleeding all over my body with swollen face and cuts on my body. What I experienced from them is not what I wish anybody. If it were my wife or children, they may not have survived it. I was on my way home, when some men began taunting me for not allowing my daughter to be circumcised, rather aided their disappearance.”

Hmmmm.. Naija go better oo.