Nigerian Women Culture

nigerian women culture

Oct 11, 2012 – Nigerian Women Culture

Nigerian women adore their cultural heritages with utmost affection. A typical Nigerian woman is seen by other women in the world as a lover of tradition, one who is conscious of what she wears, eat and do, one who loves to cook , and respect her societal norms and beliefs.

The Nigerian women culture reflects in every sector or area we find Nigerian women, these include the Nigerian women dating culture. A typical Nigerian woman is an introvert when it comes to dating, she doesn’t choose a man for himself, rather she confides in her friends who try to help her make the best choices. The Nigerian women dating culture is believed to possess several advantages and disadvantages, most Nigerian men for instance believed that the reason why the number of Nigerian women looking for men in Nigeria is soaring is that these women continue to hold on to their old traditional introverted dating techniques- this according to most men will only reduce their successes in dating.