Nigeria’s Oil Workers Stop Gas Supply To Ghana, GH’s Central Bank Governor Laments

nigeria gas ghana shut down

Sept 17, 2014 – Nigeria’s Oil Workers Shut Down Gas Supply To Ghana, Ghana’s Central Bank Governor Laments

The gas supply to Ghana from Nigeria has been switched off by Nigeria’s oil workers few hours after they embark on a nationwide strike.

The gas is supplied through Nigeria via WAPCO (West African Gas Pipeline) to Ghana, Togo and Benin Republic.

As we speak, the gas that supplied electricity to these countries has been switched off.

Henry Kofi Wampah, the Governor of GCB, Ghana’s Central Bank lamented in a news conference today describing the action as bad news that could damage Ghana’s economy if prolonged.

The supply of gas to Ghana was halted last year which resulted in energy deficit and economic instability.

A senior official at WAPCO confirmed the shutdown of the pipeline this afternoon.