NIS Orders Former Governors, Senators & Politicians To Return Nigerian Diplomatic Passports

nigerian diplomatic passports

Sept 20, 2015 – NIS Orders Former Governors, Senators & Politicians To Return Nigerian Diplomatic Passports

A new notice has been issued by the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) to ex FG officials who are yet to return their diplomatic passports to do so immediately.

It followed an order from the Presidency, which recently frowned on the failure of many former government officials to return these passports at the end of their tenure.

The Comptroller-General of theNIS, Mr. M.K. Abeshi, has listed former state governors, senators, members of the House of Representatives, members of the State Houses of Assembly, former ministers and former state commissioners among those illegally holding on to these passports.

Other officials who could be in illegal possession of diplomatic passports include former special advisers and special assistants in federal and state services, chairmen and deputy chairmen of local governments, retired heads of parastatals and some civil servants.

The NIS chief noted that the passports, having outlived their purpose, have been revoked and should be returned immediately. He explained that failure to return them is an offence under the Immigration Act. The retrieval of the documents is intended to protect and promote Nigeria’s integrity in the comity of nations, as well as ensure law and order.