Niyi Johnson Reveals Real Name, Breaks Silence On Secret Child Scandal

niyi johnson real name

July 5, 2016 – Adeniyi Johnson Reveals Real Name, Breaks Silence On Secret Daughter Scandal

In this exclusive interview with Encomium, Nollywood actor Adeniyi Johnson revealed why he is using the name Adeniyi Johnson instead of his original name Adeniyi Johnson Adewunmi.

On the name change, the actor said;

“My name is my name, i choose whatever i like to known publicly as. All my certificates, driver’s licence, international passport and so much more have Adewunmi on it, including my marriage certificate which is currently with Toyin Aimakhu; it is appalling when people try to bring out nothing out of nothing. I choose to bear Adeniyi Johnson.”

niyi johnson secret baby photo

My Secret Baby Scandal

“This is the most interesting part; do people have children and disclaim them? If yes, i am sorry to disappoint you, i am a very responsible man. Sometimes in 2012, a lady known as Sade posted a merged picture of herself, me and a baby girl, which i quickly dismissed because i do not know her.”