“No Reported Ebola Virus Infection Among Nigerians”-Health Ministry Calls For Calmness

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July 29, 2014 – “No Reported Ebola Virus Infection Among Nigerians” – Health Ministry Calls For Calmness

In a recent press conference in Lagos, Mr Jide Idris, the current Nigeria’s Health Commissioner assured Nigerians that Ebola virus disease has not reached Nigeria despite the death of a Liberian in Obalende area of Lagos last week.

Dr Idris said with an assurance that no Nigerian is infected with the virus.

He added that health authorities were being very proactive about the detection of the Ebola Virus in the Liberian by ensuring that all contacts were being actively followed.

Meanwhile, all the passengers on board the plane that brought the infected Liberian to Nigeria on the 20th of July 2014 are currently undergoing test to rule out Ebola infection.