Nollywood Actor Baba Tee: The Day A Crazy Fan Attacked Me

November 3rd, 2015 – Nigerian Actor Baba Tee: The Day A Crazy Fan Attacked Me

Comic Nollywood actor Babatunde Benard aka Baba Tee in a recent chat with Saturday Sun narrated his embarrassing encounters with his fans.

See excerpts:

My Encounter With A Crazy Male Fan

“A male fan once stopped me on the road and started hit­ting me very hard on the chest. Eventually,when I was able to break away from him, he said he was my fan and he was crazy about me. Some will call by midnight or very early in the morning just to gist with you.”

He also briefly narrated his encounter with a female fan who disguised as a client.

In his words:

“A lady once contacted me for a show and paid money into my account to come and perform in Oshogbo. On getting to the hotel where she booked a room, she came to me and asked that we sit at the bar and while we were chatting, she said she did not have any show for me.She just wanted to see my face so that I will crack jokes for her alone. She also tried to seduce me, but I turned her down stylishly and returned to Lagos.”