Nollywood Actress Ayo Adesanya On Marriage Crash: I’m Not Looking For Husband Or Boyfriend

ayo adesanya marriage

Dec 24, 2014 – Nigerian Actress Ayo Adesanya On Failed Marriage: I’m Not Looking For Husband Or Boyfriend

Veteran Nollywood actress Ayo Adesanya has spoken up again on her failed marriage to her baby daddy, Goriola Hassan.

The Ogun-born actress said she married Mr Hassan at a very young age and that such mistake will never repeat itself in the future.

In her own words:

“I think that will be attributing to my young age. When you are still young you do a lot of funny things and as you grow up, you become more matured and understand a lot of things because your eyes will be widely open to a lot, I did that because I was a baby and I grew up with it to be matured. I wouldn’t say my previous marriage was a mistake, because I know that it shouldn’t have ended up like that. I keep saying that my past marriage is something I don’t want to remember or talk about at all, but you journalists won’t let me be. I can’t just explain what made it crumbled, but are we all perfect? Since we are not all perfect and we also have our shortcomings like I keep saying, so it may be from him or me but I don’t know, so whichever way it is, we all have our own shortcomings. As long as blood runs through our vain, which means mistakes will always surfaces because there is no perfect man. What I did in the past wasn’t a mistake but it made me stronger to become who I am today. It was meant to happen and it has happened. So I am okay.

Marriage entails a lot of scarification but between you and i, I am going to be myself because I am very unique. I am not looking for a boyfriend neither a husband but if God if says I will remarry no problem, but I will remain the same person I have always been. I won’t change for anything; you have to marry me for whom I am. I don’t think I can still marry again but if God says this person is right for me, while not, I will go with him.