Nollywood Actress Kehinde Bankole Under Fire For Sharing Photos Of A Beautiful Nigerian Girl

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January 13, 2016 – Nigerian Actress Kehinde Bankole Under Fire For Sharing Photos Of A Beautiful Nigerian Girl She Met At The Market

Popular Nollywood actress Kehinde Bankole is now under fire for sharing photos of a beautiful Nigerian girl she met at the market recently without helping her.

Miss Bankole said she believe the girl pictured below will make it in modelling but she has no idea how to go about her life. Instead of helping her, the actress only took her picture to tell a half-baked story online.

elizabeth kehinde bankoleElizabeth

Kehinde Bankole narrated how she met the young girl with the caption below

“No one knows tomorrow. In life you just never know. I walked into this shop and saw this little dark girl, perfect cheekbones, polished skin colour, the million dollar international model face & colar bones, But she had no idea. as she went about her duty in the shop, oblivious of what I could see, I wondered, who knows, this may be a Lupita Nyong’o @lupitanyongo or an Alek Wek @alekwek tomorrow and I called her and said let me take a picture of you, today she was just there, Elizabeth, doing her work quietly, tomorrow, she may be the biggest black model in America or anywhere else in the world. Never, ever give up on that powerful thing called tomorrow, no matter what today says to you.”

Her Instagram fans had thought that the good news will be she helped the girl discover her talent only to find out that she actually left the lady in the shop.

See fans response to Kehinde Bankole’s story below:

Naija celebrities too get mouth..