Nollywood Actress Ruth Kadiri Says Mother Suffered For Not Having Male Children

ruth kadiri mother

January 6, 2015 – Nigerian Actress Ruth Kadiri Says Mum Suffered For Not Having Male Children

Nollywood actress, filmmaker Ruth Kadiri recently shared the painful story of her mum who didn’t have a male child for her hubby.

In a bid to encourage those in the same situation with her mother, the actress said God is the giver of children.

In her own words:

“My mother doesn’t have male children, and she suffered for it in marriage but today, she looked at me with teary eyes and says to me, “Ruth you’re worth more than ten sons”. My heart Goes out to all women who are made to suffer Becos they didn’t have male children. God is the giver of children. Have peace”

This issue is still common in some communities in Nigeria today.