Nollywood Celebrities React To Jim Iyke’s Fake Deliverance Movie

jim iyke deliverance fake

Oct 6, 2013 – Nigerian Celebrities React To Jim Iyke’s Paid Deliverance Movie At TB Joshua’s Church

Since the release of a short video clip of Nigerian actor Jim Iyke doing a special deliverance from demonic forces at TB Joshua‘s Scoan church last week, controversies have started piling up on social media.

While majority of people think it’s fake, others see it as a mere publicist stunt to revive Jim Iyke’s crumbling career.

Check out what Nigerian celebrities said about Jim Iyke’s deliverance;

Gloria Mba On Jim Iyke’s Deliverance

“Seriously it’s a personal thing. If the need requires me to do it I will not hesitate but I wouldn’t make it public. Whether it was stage managed or not is none of my business.”

Ejiro Okurame
“I am not scared of deliverances. I have done deliverance at Mountain of Fire & Miracles Ministry. It is a good step for moving closer to God. There is no public figure as famous as Jesus Christ.”

Muma G

“I am yet to come terms with it ”
“I am yet to come to reality with that and I am not sure how real it is.”

Charles Novia
“I’m not insulting anyone. I just feel that ‘deliverance’ issues are personal. It should not be done with cameras and klieg lights. Demon na star?”

Laide Bakare

“I don’t understand all this
I am not a Christian but a Muslim so I don’t understand what this is all about. I am only hearing it now. Really I don’t know what deliverance means.”


“Na waah for our actors, Jym Ike took his stunt to the alter. I wonder how much he got paid for this ‘movie’. Nevertheless, he is a very good actor tho”

Segun Arinze

“This Jim Iyke’s deliverance video at the Synagogue trending looks too contrived. It’s a big embarrassment. Has anyone ever seen demons come out live and speak? Una fit stand demons? Una carry Nollywood enter Church, abi? How much did he get paid? I’m just wondering. Make una stop all these nonsense play. Haba. Stranger than fiction!”