“Nollywood Movie Producers Are Diabolic, They Take Actors Names To Native Doctors”- Augustine Ejike Metu

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April 1st, 2014 – “Nigerian Movie Producers Are Diabolic, They Take Actors Names To Native Doctors”-Augustine Ejike Metu

A one time popular Nollywood actor Ejike Metu aka Methuselah has exposed the hidden secrets of many movie producers in Nigeria today.

Ejike who had featured in many interesting movies like ‘Rattle Snake’, ‘Up to Rush’, ‘Farewell to Babylon’, ‘The Night Fall’ and others opened up on why he left Nollywood temporarily.

In this recent interview with the entertainer, hear what Ejike said about the juju men in the growing movie industry.

“It got to a point in the industry where some producers took pictures of actors to native doctors to know whether their faces will sell films. As someone who is not diabolical, I was not comfortable with that. So, I decided to step aside. Also, at a point, producers became lords. They were so greedy and myopic that they released ten films in a week with the same faces. In fact, they continued to repeat these films. And being someone that is not too desperate in the things of life, I did not need to lick the ass of the producers. Meanwhile, I was already into clearing and forwarding business before becoming an actor and I was very much engaged in my business. So, I decided to face my clearing and forwarding business and other things. But that does not mean I stopped acting entirely.