Nollywood Yoruba Actor Yomi Fash Lanso Warns Ladies To Stop Falling In Love

yomi fash lanso

Jan 10, 2015 – Nollywood Yoruba Actor Yomi Fash Lanso Warns Ladies To Avoid Falling In Love To Prevent Heartbreak

See excerpt from a quick chat with Yomi Fash Lanso:

Who was your first girlfriend?:  She is late now.

Would you remember your first crushI never had any crush on anybody, even actresses both Nigerian and foreign. I used to watch Indian movies but I only watched the movies and the way they acted. I didn’t have crush on anybody.

Would you remember the first time a lady broke your heart?: 

Ha! Break my heart ke? Who gave you the heart to break? Nobody has ever broken my heart. That is why I always tell people not to fall in love but ‘walk’ into love. If you fall in love, you will just fall flat. Please, I have never been heartbroken before.

True talk!