Odunlade Ademola Joins Instagram, Shares Latest Pictures, Exposes Fraudsters Using His Name

odunlade adekola instagram

June 15, 2015 – Odunlade Ademola Joins Instagram, Shares Latest Photos, Exposes Fraudsters, Impostors Using His Name

Highest paid Nollywood Yoruba actor of all times, Odunlade Adekola has officially joined Instagram.

Few hours ago, Odunlade took to IG to inform fans of his official instagram handle @odunomoadekola

He also exposed some impostors using his name on Instagram.

“Beware both @odunomoadekola1 and @odunadekola are fake accounts , @odunomoadekola is the only valid Instagram page for odunlade Adekola………. Pls repost Thanks..”


Here are some of the latest photos he shared with fans