OJB Jezreel’s Wife Donates Kidney To Save Husband; Singer Returns After Surgery

ojb jezreel wife donates kidney

December 15, 2013 – OJB Jezreel’s Wife Donates Her Kidney To Save Husband; Singer Returns To Nigeria From India After Kidney Transplant Surgery

Nigerian musician and song producer Babatunde Okungbowa popularly called OJB Jezreel is back to Nigeria after over 3 months in India.

The singer is so thankful to God, Nigerians and his wife, Mama G who donated one of her kidneys to save him.

OJB said his wife stood by him during the low period of his heart condition which also affected his kidney. Now back in Nigeria and recovering after he left for treatment in India in August accompanied by his wife, who donated one of her kidneys to save her husband.

OJB has described her as a courageous woman and his life saver. But Mama G says they owe it all to God. She was not discouraged even in the eye of the storm, not even when the doctors analysed to her that the process would include the removal of one of her ribs and that she would be dissected all the way to her back.

In a recent interview, OJB said most of the cheques people gave him through SAVE OJB campaign bounced back.