Olisa Metuh’s Wife, Kanayo Now Visiting Pastors For Prayers To Save Husband From N400M Fraud Mess

kanayo olisa metuh

January 21, 2016 – Olisa Metuh’s Wife, Kanayo Metuh Now Visiting Pastors For Prayers To Save Husband From N400 Million Fraud Case

Eagles Eyes at Prince & Princess Estate in Gaduwa area of Abuja are now worried as the wife of ex-PDP spokesman, Olisa Metuh has suddenly become a shadow of her old self.

According to sources in the know, Kanayo Metuh a woman popular for wearing expensive jewelries and gold has started running from pillar to post in a bid to get her husband out of the trouble he put himself in.

Those who know the couple well said the woman has started visiting different prophets, seeking spiritual solution to her husband’s problem.

Prayer is a good thing but Metuh’s case has a straight solution, the government has ordered him to refund the N400million he embezzled under GEJ administration but he said he will not do that.

olisa metuh wife prophets prayers

The madam should stop running from pillar to post, please tell Oga to bring back our money.