Omotola Jalade’s Husband In Cancer Sickness Rumour “Matthew Ekeinde Has Cancer” – Insider

omotola jalade husband cancer

January 7, 2015 – Omotola Jalade’s Husband In Cancer Sickness Rumour “Captain Mathew Ekeinde Has Terminal Cancer” – Insiders

If the report coming from Omotola’s camp is anything to go by, then Captain Matthew Ekeinde Senior is battling a terminal cancer.

A family source who wrote late last night said:

“Please pray for my sister Omotola, her husband’s life is in serious danger, he needs miracle urgently because he has been losing weight since doctor said they saw tumors in his body. I’m not saying this for you to ridicule the family or spread hurtful gossip but am fully aware of what is happening I just want you to keep praying for them so that God can heal him. I have already told them to go to scoan or other powerful Catholic priest who can cast out the demon of cancer from him. Please don’t reveal my name because Aunty Tolani knows me. she doesn’t want the public to hear it from any of us. thanks”

Pictured above is the most recent photo of captain Matthew Ekeinde and his wife.

We expect Omotola to come out and deny this because cancer is not a disease anyone would love to be associated with.

This is serious. May God heal him and others fighting the same battle.