Ooni Of Ife, Sijuwade’s Corpse Moved Into Ogboni Temple Inside Palace by Isoro Cult Members

ooni ife corpse

August 7, 2015 – Ooni Of Ife, Sijuwade’s Corpse Moved Into Ogboni Temple (Ilegbo Ooni) Inside Palace (Ile Oodua) by Isoro Cult Members For Pre-Burial Rituals

Family Moves Ooni Sijuwade’s Property Out Of Palace

Earlier this week, the body of Ooni of Ife arrived Nigeria and was secretly moved to Ile Ife Osun state.

On Wednesday, high ranking members of Isoro cult received the body of the late monarch and moved it into Ile’gbo also called Ile Ogboni (Ogboni Temple) where secret coronation rituals take place.

Ile Ogboni is located within Ile Oodua (Ooni of Ife’s palace).

Too many iles (Ile Ogboni, Ile Oduduwa, Ile Oodua). No wonder they named the city Ile Ife.

ooni ife palace photos

Meanwhile, the family members of the late royal father have moved out all his belongings

ooni ife palaceOoni of Ife’s palace

Sijuwade’s death will be officially announced once all the required traditional rituals are concluded in the ancient city.