Openly Gay Nigerian Pastor Jide Macaulay Defends Homosexual Lifestyle

jide macaulay nigerian pastor

July 20, 2014 – Openly Gay Nigerian Pastor Jide Macaulay Defends Homosexual Lifestyle 

Controversial Nigerian pastor Jide Macaulay who fled Lagos for the United Kingdom fear years ago after some youths ganged up to lynch him in Lagos for being gay says his happiness was restored when he opened up to his ex-wife that he’s gay.

Hear what he said on Twitter:

“Being gay has no expiry date, if you are Gay you are Gay the idea of this being suspended or expired is a myth and the pressure from society, culture and religion forces many to lie or live a lie about who they are. I too lived my life as a heterosexual for about 7 years. I was even married to a woman, when I finally came out as gay was when I knew the true meaning of happiness and whilst it is not easy because of my firm beliefs as a Christian,respect for culture. I am gay and would never expire. We only expire when we give up to live out truly who we are as homosexuals”

Question of the day: How come gay people especially Nigerians find it hard to reveal their partners. If they are so proud of the lifestyle, why can’t they flaunt their partners.