Orlando Florida Gay Club Mass Shooter, ISIS Gunman Omar Mateen, A US Citizen [PHOTOS]

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June 12, 2016 – Orlando Florida Gay Pub Mass Shooting Suspect, Omar Mateen A US Citizen With Ties To Islamic State Terror Sect [PICTURES]

Orlando Florida Mass Shooter Angry At Homosexuals, Father Says Terrorist Attack Not Motivated By Islam

The US citizen who reportedly killed 53 at a gay pub in Florida last night has been identified as 29-year-old Omar Mateen.

He was born to parents from Afghanistan based in New York. NY-based Omar travelled to Florida where his father works before carrying out the terror attack that claimed the lives of over 50 homosexual party goers.

His father suggested that the attack was fueled by hatred for homosexuals.

He has been on FBI radar for a while now but all cases brought against him were dropped in 2013.

The father of the Jihadist, Seddique Mateen said the terror attack was not motivated by religion.

Omar Marteen was shot dead in a gunfire after three hours of stand off at Pulse nightclub on Orange Avenue in Orlando.

In addition to the 53 murdered victims, over 50 others suffered serious injuries as the night club was packed with excited gay party lovers as they get ready to celebrate Pride Day this weekend.

The death toll of Orlando Florida terror attack is likely to rise as many of the injured victims are currently clinging to life at hospitals in Orlando Florida.

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