Pastor Emmanuel Nwusulor Responds To Visa Fraud Case – I Pity Our Journalism In Nigeria

Pastor Emmanuel Nwusulor

Oct 29, 2012 – Pastor Emmanuel Nwusulor Responds To Visa Fraud Case – I Pity Our Journalism In Nigeria

Pastor Emmanuel Nwusulor of the House of Liberation Assembly has responded to one of our news stories on an alleged Visa fraud case involving a church member, Ojini. If you missed the story, read it here

His own side of the story below

I am the said pastor you are referring to. you should not judge so that you will not be judged. in the above post. to put the matter straight, the visa is not for football but rather one month visa conference. i did not read where the write said they made effort to seek my own version of the story.

I pity our journalism in Nigeria. the said Ojini approached me for Dubai visa assistance which i did, i gave him the visa to confirm from the emirate air which confirmed his visa to be Valid. he consequently bought the ticket and fly through Emirate, on reaching the airport, he presented his visa and international passport. the immigration told him that they doubted if he is the owner of the passport as the age in the passport is 19 while he is an aged man. he could not prove that he is the owner of the said passport, to make the matter worst he has no money on him (BTA) He was consequently refused entry. It may interest you to note that you can never aboard emirate or other airline to Dubai without a valid visa in MMI airport as all Dubai visa is confirmed before the passenger boards.

When the said Ojini came back and told me what happened and pleaded with me to help him re-do another place for him, i raised the issue of the age falsification but he keep on pushing me to help but his uncle made the matter worst by threatening me which i advised him to involve the law enforcement agency. i was arrest and all the effort they made in the police for me to balance him some money proved abortive as i demanded that the matter should be settled in the court of law. i was granted bail.

All the contributors of this post, you have to know that possession of a valid visa does not grantee 100% entry into any country as the immigration there has the final say. what do you have to say over more than 100 Nigerians deported back from South Africa this year because the immigration said the yellow paper was fake or the issue of the Hajj people recently deported from Saudi. does it mean that it is visa issues or problems with immigration laws. pls make research very well before making comments. finally, can we ask the writer to post the visa page, data page of the international passport, ticket, and the page where the passport was concealed in Dubai. i will update you, the Truth will come out. i will keep you posted