Pastor Seyi Ogunorunyinka Banned Church Members From Reading Bible With IPAD & Phones

pastor bans church members bible ipad

April 12, 2013 –  Pastor Seyi Ogunorunyinka Bans Church Members From Studying The Bible With IPAD & Phones

A very talented man of God and the GO, Pastor in Charge of Promised Land Ministries in Lagos, Nigeria, Seyi Ogunorunyinka has banned his members from using latest gadgets like Blackberry, IPAD, IPhone to study the bible.

According to him, many members of his church are popular for using the latest gadgets anytime he cites scriptural verses. He also added that youngsters are now following the footsteps of adults who are fond of using the aforementioned gadgets to study the bible

He further declared that it’s high time for folks to stop using gadgets and return to the traditional way of studying the bible instead.

Using Iphone or Blackberry to study the bible is the latest trend in most churches of nowadays.

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