Pastor Tunde Bakare: The 4 Questions I Asked Tinubu At His House During My Last Visit

tunde bakare tinubu

Oct 25, 2015 – Pastor Tunde Bakare: The 4 Questions I Asked Tinubu At His House On November 3rd 2014

He revealed to TheNEWS that on 3 November 2014, he was in Asiwaju’s house and said to him:

  1. “Asiwaju, there are only four things left that I am pursuing in this world, and none of them is in your hands, my mother is 106, her prayer is that I should survive her and give her a befitting burial.
  2. Asiwaju, can you guarantee my being alive to do that?’ he said he can’t. No 2: ‘Asiwaju, I want to stay in health while waiting to give my mother a befitting burial, can any human being guarantee that?’ Nobody.
  3. I have five children by the grace of God, I want them to be greater than I am, and I don’t want them to go before me, ‘can you guarantee that?’
  4. And finally I said I want to make heaven at the end, and to hear, ‘good and faithful servant, enter into the joy of the Lord your God’ can you guarantee that? He can’t. So what is the basis of competition? What I am looking for is not in your hand.

Am not looking for power, I am not looking for position; I am not looking for appointment. Can’t you understand that? I have never done contract in my life. So there is no basis for attacking Asiwaju except in the figment of the imagination of some people. But something touched me, and when matters are brought to me, I look at some of them, I take them all, sometimes I don’t bother myself because you must not fight every battle and lose the world.”