Patience Jonathan Grammatical Blunder: My Husband Is The Best Couple On Earth

patience jonathan grammatical error

August 9, 2012 – My Husband Is The Best Couple On Earth – States Patience Jonathan

According to a recent newspaper publication, Nigeria’s First Lady, Mrs Dame Patience Jonathan made a very heartbreaking grammatical blunder by stating ” My Husband Is The Best Couple On Earth”

Headlines like this makes one wonder if this woman is actually educated.

patience jonathan grammar

This kind grammatical blunder is a no no.

Guess mama needs to go back to school.

Video: Patience Jonathan Speaks

Past Grammatical Blunders Made By Patience Jonathan

  • My Husband and Sambo is a good people
  • The President was once a Child and the Senators were once a Children
  • My Fellow Widows
  • A Good Mother takes care of his Children
  • The people sitting before you here were once a Children
  • Yes we are all happy for the effort,it is not easy to carry second in an international competition like this one – Addressing Press men after Female Under 19 Fifa World Cup
  • The Bombers who born them?wasn’t it not a woman? They were once a Children now a adult now they are bombing women and children making some children a widow
  • My Heart feels sorry for these Children who have become Widows by losing their Parents for one reason or another
  • We should have love for our fellow Nigerians irrespective of their NATIONALITY?
  • vote UMBLERRA and press your finger for UMBLERRA .

This is hilarious.