Photo: Church Usher Accused Of Defiling Girl 7 In Lagos Confesses, Begs Police To Keep Secret..

usher rapes girl in lagos

March 16, 2016 – Church Usher Who Raped Girl 7 In Lagos Confesses, Begs Police & Journalists To Keep Secret From Church Members

Obinna Anike, 44-year-old church usher has reportedly defiled a 7-year-old girl kept in his custody. Anike said that it was the devil who made him to defile the girl.

However, the technician begged police and journalists not to let members of the church he attends to know that he committed such crime. According to him, whenever the girl’s parents were leaving for work, they would bring the girl to his shop.

The idea is for the girl to walk to school with Anike’s children. The girl’s parent got to know about the incident after she started complaining of pains inside her private part.

Anike said: “The parents of the children used to bring them to my house since they used to leave home for work very early in the morning. I’m a radio technician and live near their house.

The children attend the same school with my children. One day, I asked the girl to come close to me. When she came to me, I shifted her pants and put me manhood, but it didn’t penetrate.

I poured the sperm I already released outside. “I have already condemned myself. I’m a Christian. I wouldn’t wait till I’m condemned by law enforcement officers. I beg everyone who is aware of this case to forgive me. I don’t know the forces that pushed me into this devilish act. I don’t want my church to know about this please.

I cannot question God. I don’t know why this is happening to me. I did not take alcohol or any drugs before I engaged in the act.” Anike, however, said his action was not for ritual purpose.

But the girl contradicted the suspect’s story. She said:

“Uncle Obinna lied. He is fond of calling me a ‘fine girl’. He did it many times. Last year before Christmas, Uncle Obinna called me into his room and warned me not to tell my parents whatever he was doing with me. He said he would kill me and my parents if I ever told anybody.

He would constantly question me if I wanted my parents to die, I would say no. He removed my pants and put his manhood inside. “He poured his saliva into my private part and put his manhood inside me. It was too painful for me.

He ‘wee wee’ inside.” The state Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), Dolapo Badmus, said that the Police Commissioner, Mr. Fatai Owoseni, had ordered the suspect be prosecuted.

The suspect case will come up for trial next week.

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