Photo: C&S Pastors & Church Members Arrested In Mushin Lagos Over Missing Child

c&s pastors arrested missing child

Sept 11, 2015 – Picture: C&S Pastors & Church Members Arrested In Mushin Lagos Over Missing Child

Pastor Michael Balogun of the Cherubim and Seraphim Church, Ejigbo, where a 4-year-old girl was stolen, has been arrested by the police at Ejigbo Division in Lagos State, western Nigeria.

Balogun was arrested along with other members of his church and transferred to Area ‘D’ Police Command in Mushin, Lagos.

We had earlier reported that the victim identified as Tope Ogundeyi was stolen from the church located at Ilufunmi Street, Ejigbo, on 1 September, 2015.
Pastor Balogun and other leaders were in the church when the incident happened.

The baby’s father, Olumide Ogundeyi, told our reporter that he came from Ogun State to the church for deliverance prayers because he was sick and his family was facing many challenges.

He said that after the prayers, they slept inside the church auditorium as directed by the prophet with four of his children and wife.

Ogundeyi said the doors and windows of the church auditorium were locked after their midnight prayers before they slept.

He said by the time he woke up at about 5 a.m., he did not see Tope where she was lying with two other of his children and did not see his three handsets where he kept them.

He said he raised the alarm which attracted other church members and they immediately started searching for Tope but did not find her.

Ogundeyi said that the matter was reported at the Ejigbo Police Division and the Oba of Ejigbo, Oba Moruf Ojoola, was also informed about it.

We confirmed the arrest of Balogun and three other church leaders by the police from both Ejigbo Division and Area ‘D’ Command, Mushin.

[Reported By Cyriacus Izuekwe, P.M Lagos]