Photo: Indiana Doctor Killed Wife & Self On Wedding Day Over Prenuptial Agreement

doctor killed wife indiana

Oct 8, 2014 – Picture: American Doctor Killed Wife & Himself On Wedding Day Over Prenuptial Agreement

Pictured above is Dr George Scott Samson and his ‘one-day’ wife, Ecker who died few hours after their wedding in Terre Haute city in Vigo County, Indiana on Saturday.

54-year-old Scott shot 50-year-old Kelly Ecker dead while the two were arguing over a pre-nuptial agreement after being intoxicated with alcohol.

On  Saturday the 5th of October during their wedding reception, Scott allegedly told Ecker she will never get her hands on his money.

Witnesses say the argument became increasingly bitter when the wedding after-party moved to Samson and Ecker’s mansion. Three minutes after the final guest departed, Ecker, who is a nurse at the same hospital as Samson, made the first of three terrified 911 calls claiming her husband was going to kill her.

The first two frantic calls to the dispatcher ended abruptly, but moments later Ecker phoned back, her trembling voice pleading for help, before a volley of gunshots rang out and the phone line cut.

Less than half-an-hour later, officers who responded to the couple’s Terre Haute home discovered the body of Ecker, fatally shot in the head and neck and in the basement the body of Samson, who had taken his own life with a 45-caliber semi automatic pistol.

According to Police report, Dr Scott shot his wife with a 40-caliber handgun several times before taking his own life.

Records show that the deceased doctor has a Federal Firearms License which enabled him to buy and sell weapons from his mansion in a manner similar to a gun store owner.

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