Photo: Man Gets Antichrist, 666 Tattoos On His Forehead

antichrist 666 tattoo

June 13, 2014 – Picture: Man Gets Antichrist, 666 Tattoos On His Forehead

A young man who hopes to venture into the music industry soon just got a demonic tattoo in order to skyrocket his popularity.

The aspiring singer who identified himself as Lee 2 Sparta said he is so proud of the 666 tattoo. He also said he doesn’t care what anybody says about the meaning of 666.

Lee 2 Sparta who already has several tattoos on his body shared the above picture on his instagram page with the caption;

“My name is Lee 2 Sparta. I am a Sparta. I come from Mobay. Big up to the Sparta King Tommy Lee. Big up the whole Mobay we dont Fear people noday. You see my face tattoo, i got that because im a Sparta for life. I dont give a dam about anybody.”

End time thing.. Lord please have mercy.