N400 Million Love Scam: Nigerian Internet Fraudster Jailed For 12 Years In Vietnam

nigerian arrested vietnam love scam

Oct 19, 2015 – Picture: Nigerian Internet Fraudster Jailed For 12 Years In Vietnam

A 35-year-old Nigerian man identified as Oshanugor James Anyasi has been sentenced to 12 years in jail for conniving with 3 others to dupe 10 women and other Vietnamese of N400million after promising them fake love and business.

Anyasi was found guilty of a two count charges of fraud and cyber crime by a Hanoi Court.

According to the report, Anyasi and three others had hooked up with the women online sometimes in September 2012, pretending to be their lovers and business associates and then promising them expensive gifts, while faking phone calls and e-mails from customs and shipping agencies to ask them to transfer shipping fees to certain accounts.

Investigations revealed that the gang had defrauded the ten women of some huge amounts of money in separate interactions before they realized they had been duped. Of the money stolen from the women, Anyasi got 15 per cent by playing the role of an English businessman and chatting with the women, while their female accomplice got 10 per cent, and the other two, who are reportedly based in Malaysia, got 75 per cent.