Photo: Woman Born With Two Vaginas, Wombs & Cervixes, Cassandra Bankson Opens Up

woman with 2 vaginas

May 4, 2015 – Picture: Woman Born With 2 Vaginas, Uteruses & Cervixes, Cassandra Bankson Opens Up

Looking at her, she looks like every other woman out there but deep inside, she is hurting.

Meet Cassandra Bankson, a popular YouTube star who has been living as two women all her life.

In one of her posts, she confessed that she has double of every organ a woman has in her reproductive system. She described her condition as Uterus Didelphys.

After years of severe back pain and non stop bleeding, Bankson was diagnosed with the condition that forces her to have 2 menstruations in a month.

Her situation is unique in that she has only one vulva. Everything look normal on the outside until doctors examined her reproductive organs where the abnormalities were discovered.

Hmmm this is something else.