Photos: 4 Nigerians Win Queen Elizabeth II’s Young Leaders Awards

4 nigerians win Queen elizabeth award

June 21, 2015 – Pictures: 4 Nigerians Win Queen Elizabeth II’s Young Leaders Awards 

Come Monday the 22nd of June 2015, 4 young Nigerians will be honoured by the Queen of England.

An award will be presented to 4 Nigerians and 56 others at the UK Buckingham Palace tomorrow during the inaugural of Queen’s Young Leaders Awards.

Many congratulations to Isaiah Owolabi, Kelvin Ogholi, Nkechikwu Azinge and Oladipupo Azinge from Nigeria who are among 60 young people from across the Commonwealth who are being recognised as exceptional leaders in their community. These 60 young people are the first ever to receive a prestigious Queen’s Young Leaders Award.

 Nkechikwu Azinge

The Award, which will be presented in London by Her Majesty The Queen of England on the 22nd of June is part of The Queen’s Young Leaders Programme to celebrate the achievements of young people who are taking the lead to transform the lives of others and make a lasting difference in their communities.