Photos: ABU Students To Fly Turtle Eco Car Built In Zaria To Holland For 2015 Shell Competition

turtle eco car zaria

March 17, 2015 – Pictures: ABU Students To Fly Turtle Eco Car Built In Zaria Nigeria To Holland For 2015 Shell Eco Marathon Competition

The above eco friendly turtle car made in Zaria is set to fly to Holland any time from now for an upcoming event tagged Shell Eco Marathon Competition.

As earlier reported by, the car was built from scratch by Ahmadu Bello University Mechanical Engineering Students .

During the unveiling of the car over the weekend, Engineering Faculty Dean, Dr Mohammed Dauda told reporters that the eco friendly vehicle was made from local materials.

“All materials used for this car were sourced locally, Though, there are things that we did not fabricate ourselves, you will be surprised that some of the components like the electrical, we just looked at an old computer system and then adopted some of the components that were useful to us, So, this is one example of what we did, which is recycling, otherwise, I will say 100 per cent of the things we used were produced here in Zaria”.

“In addition to federal government’s automotive policy, I must say that the reason we started this (manufacturing of the car) came from Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria Limited. They invited ABU to participate in what they call . The car should be one that consumes little fuel but goes long distances. This competition is held in America, Europe and Asia and we are participating in the European one in Netherlands in May this year.” said Mr Dauda.

The department will soon join UNIBEN and UNILAG to compete in the 2015 Shell Eco Marathon Competition in Holland.

See another photo of the turtle eco car below: