Photos: Canadian Bride Caught Breastfeeding Baby During Church Wedding In Montreal Defends Self

bride breastfeeding baby wedding mass

June 28, 2016 – Pictures: Canadian Woman Caught Breastfeeding Baby During Church Wedding In Montreal Defends Self

30-year-old Christina Torino Benton told People she did the right by lowering her gown to breastfeed her crying baby during her wedding ceremony in Montreal.

Christina said she breastfed her 9-month-old daughter when she started crying in the middle of the wedding.

Gemma Benton eventually fell asleep after two minutes of sucking breast milk.

In her words:

“I tried for maybe two minutes to allow some family members to calm her down, but having missed her nap, and in that heat, it wasn’t going to happen. “There was no question. I had to nurse, and I wasn’t hesitant about it at all.”