Photos: Chinese Man Forced To Wear Wedding Dress As Bride Wears Tuxedo On Their Wedding Day

chinese man wears wedding dress

December 16, 2016 – Pictures: Fat-Shamed Chinese Bride Wears Wedding Tuxedo As Grooms Wears Dress

Chinese Groom Forced To Wear Wedding Dress As Fat Shamed Bride Wears Tuxedo On Their Wedding Day

Here are some photos from a wedding ceremony that held in China over the weekend.

On Saturday the 10th of December 2016, a Chinese lady, Qu Qian was so self conscious in her wedding gown that she felt uncomfortable to wear it to their wedding venue.

She however told her hubby to exchange his Tuxedo with her dress, the groom, Wu Shuai granted her request and gave her his black tuxedo and sunglasses.

As the couple made their way into the wedding venue, their guests roared with laughter at the groom’s bizarre feminine look and serious demeanor.

On why he wore the wedding gown, here is what the groom told People’s Daily Online: