Photos: Cockroach Turns Into Human Being In Ebolowa Cameroon

man turns cockroach cameroon

April 5, 2016 – Pictures: Shock As Human Being Turns Into Cockroach Overnight In Ebolowa Cameroon 


Magic Of Witchcraft: Man Turns Into Cockroach Overnight, Transforms Into Human In Ebolowa Cameroon

The words on the street in Cameroon is that the unidentified man pictured above is a wizard who allegedly turned into a cockroach overnight and slept in a wheel.

According to a source who shared these photos on Facebook, the cockroach man forgot to transform himself back into human and found himself stuck in the rim in the morning.

Chai!!! Africans we are too much.. How possible?

How a grown man like him found himself in that rim still remains a mystery.