Photos: Conjoined Twin Babies With Two Faces & One Body Born In Australia

twins baby with two faces

May 20, 2014 – Mother Of Conjoined Twins Baby With Two Faces Says They Wake & Cry @ Different Times

Pictures: Conjoined Twin Babies With Two Faces & One Body Delivered In Sydney, Australia

A mother has given birth to a set of twins baby at a medical facility in Sydney Australia.

The 11-day old conjoined twins born with one body and 2 heads are already showing ‘very separate’ personalities.

‘You have to see it to believe it. Sometimes Faith will cry and wake Hope up, who then looks sideways as if to say, “Thanks for that”. We are blessed we’ve got this far. I just find them adorable.’ – said Renee Young, their mother

The babies, Faith and Hope, were christened at Westmead Children’s Hospital after their miraculous birth on May 8. They continue to defy medical odds and Ms Young and Mr Howie have maintained a bedside vigil for their daughters who were born with identical faces and two brains. Despite doctors initially telling the couple to terminate the pregnancy, they have been told the girls have a strong chance if they survive the next five weeks.

Watch their video below: