Photos: Danfo Bus Driver Kills Female Policewoman In Ikorodu Lagos, RIP Evelyn Ele Amuta

danfo bus kills policewoman

Feb 23, 2016 – Pictures: Female Police Officer, Corporal Evelyn Ele Amuta Struck & Killed By A Hit And Run Danfo Bus Driver In Ikodoru Lagos 

The officer in charge of XSquad in Lagos, Evelyn Ele Amuta has died.

The beautiful mother one was struck and killed by a bus driver trying to evade arrest.

According to police investigation, the deceased was attempting to arrest an unidentified driver who violated traffic rules but while she was ordering him to come out of the bus, the driver suddenly reversed, hit Evelyn and escaped.

Evelyn Ele Amuta

The X-Squad quickly rushed her to a nearby hospital where doctors refused to treat her due to missing police report.

This was even after the OC (Officer in charge) identified herself as a police officer.

She died shortly for lack of prompt medical intervention.

The deceased was buried in her village in Kogi State last week.

May her soul rest in peace.