Photos: Danyela Bradley, The White Girl Caught In Bed With Nick Gordon The Day Bobbi Kristina Drowned

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August 20, 2015 – Pictures: Danyela Bradley, The White Teenager Caught In Bed With Nick Gordon In Bobbi Kristina’s Bedroom The Day She Drowned

Meet the young lady who allegedly slept with Nick Gordon in Bobbi Kristina’s master bedroom the day she drowned in a bath tub.

The teenager identified as Danyela Bradley was pictured with Nick Gordon around 1pm on February 1st, 2015 being taken out of North Fulton Hospital in Atlanta hours after her best friend, Bobbi Kristina was admitted at the same hospital.

18-year-old Danyela was said to be in the Bobbi Kristina’s mansion on January 31st on the day she (Bobbi) was found unconscious in the bathtub.

24-year-old Max Lomas, an accused drug dealer who sells drug to Bobbi Kristina was the boyfriend of Danyela. Max was also present in Bobbi Kristina’s house when the tragedy occurred.

See more photos of Nick Gordon wheeling Danyela from the hospital.

A civil lawsuit, filed on behalf of Bobbi Kristina’s estate, was amended after Bobbi Kristina’s death with new accusations against Nick Gordon, claiming he drugged her with a ‘toxic cocktail’ and drowned her in a bathtub of cold water. The suit claims a ‘white girl’ was lying on the bed in the master bedroom as the alleged altercation played out.