Photos: Doctors Patch Burn Victim’s Skin With Dead People’s Flesh After 3rd Degree Burn

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August 26, 2016 – Pictures: Doctors Patch Woman’s Skin With Dead People’s Flesh After 3rd Degree Burn 

Meet 18-year-old Alexandra Worthington, a British citizen who has undergone over 25 surgeries to get back on her feet.

Several years ago, she was engulfed in a hot orange light while playing the game of igniting alcohol with her relatives.

Her face,skin and eyelids melted. She immediately went into a coma and woke up few weeks later with a tube passed down her throat.

Worthington who now works as a burn counselor said doctors used flesh of dead people to restore the skin covering her elbows, back,arms, stomach, legs and thighs.

Fortunately for her, her body didn’t reject the skin replacement surgery.

[Photos credit: Alexandra Worthington]